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In today's fragmented society, it keeps getting harder to stay connected with our genealogy and family history. How can we truly understand our lives today when we have only a vague idea how our parents, grandparents and forebears laid the groundwork affecting our birth and upbringing?

Living Family Albumsí sole reason for being is to help your family hold on to its history, the hard-earned wisdom and experiences of your family elders as well as the milestones and changes in the lives of your family members. We help you to do it yourself, easily and economically with equipment that you most likely already own.

We invite you to take a minute to read A Personal Story, and then explore our:

From birth to passing, we owe it to future generations of our family to leave more of ourselves behind than faded photographs and distant memories.

The tools you will find here will help you preserve your family's heritage for many generations to come. You too, can create a legacy that will last far, far into the future.