Do I need a fancy camera to do these interviews?
  • No, not at all. A standard consumer camcorder does a perfectly good job. Even a cell phone or a tablet can do a good job. Just be sure to use a tripod to keep it steady, and we highly recommend using a separate microphone for better sound quality.

How can I tell if my camcorder can use a separate microphone?
  • If there's a small round jack labeled "Mic" or with a small icon of a old-fashioned radio microphone, then you can use a separate microphone. Cell phones and tablets can vary, but many will accept a mic through the minijack input. Be sure to check your unit's instructions first.

What kind of separate microphone would I use?
  • Small "tie clip" (lavalier) and Conference type microphones both work well for these interviews. These both work best when placed or  temporarily attached to a small table between the interviewer and interviewee. They are readily available on Amazon or through Radio Shack.

What are some tips for shooting an interview?
  • Use a pair of headphones plugged into the headphone jack on your camera, to make sure you're getting understandable audio on the recording. Also, be sure that light shining into the room from outside is coming from behind the camera, and not from behind the subject.

Can I record more than one interview with a Kit?
  • Certainly!  You can record as many as you wish!  As a matter of fact, once you've done the first one, other family members will be at your doorstep asking you to do the same for them. If you don't have the time, just send them to our website to order a Kit of their own.

I'm using an older camcorder that uses videotape. How long does a videotape last?
  • Videotapes, when properly stored, are reported to last ten years or more. We suggest you transfer your completed Interviews to DVD, which is a more durable format with a reputed life of 100 years or more. Transfer to DVD is something we can do for you, if you like. Typical turnaround is 1 day from when we receive your videotape.