“If I had all the money in the world, I'd buy Mom a new house and Dad a new car.”

You can hardly keep up with how much your kids are changing — and how fast. It's time to create a record that will let you see and hear them grow. You need The Child's Annual Video Interview Kit.

The Kit gives you the tools to produce 10- to 20-minute interviews with your children at 12-month intervals. This easy-to-use resource offers hints on interviewing children, a script with questions that will bring out their personalities, and ways to get great results whether you buy, rent or borrow the equipment.

Didn't Carrie say something really cute the other day? When did Alex grow out of that jacket?

Isn't the time passing quickly? Don't delay another day. The milestones in your children's lives won't wait.

Child’s Annual Video Interview Kit Contents

The Child’s Annual Video Interview Kit is packed with instructions and support materials.

  • How to Interview Children: Tips, techniques and approaches for interviewing children of different ages.
  • How to Produce the Interview: Step by step guidebook tells you what equipment you need and why, where to get it inexpensively or free, how to arrange an interview set, and everything else you need to know to produce quality results.
  • Cameraperson's Guide: This book tells you how to set up and use the equipment. It contains the illustrated Camera Person's Script and Shooting Directions which you follow, question-by-question, during the interview.
  • Interviewer's Script for Children: This 66 question script has been carefully developed to bring out the personalities of children of all ages in interviews lasting 10 to 20 minutes. Printed in large type for easy use.

Start saving memories!

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