“Grandpa, tell me a story.”

You know that grandparents are usually the best source for family history, life stories and the tales that children love. Take the opportunity to record their stories on video with The Grandparent's Video Interview Kit.

The Kit offers everything you'll need to create high-quality video keepsakes of your parents. The Grandparent's Video Interview Script gives you just the right questions to bring out your parents' stories, and even their advice. Simple, informative guides show you how to videotape them in a professional style to capture their personalities in ways a photo never could.

Link the generation before you to the ones that will follow with a true heirloom. Take advantage of The Grandparent's Video Interview Kit today.

Grandparent’s Video Interview Kit Contents

The Grandparent’s Video Interview Kit is packed with instructions and support materials — enough to produce four Grandparent Video Interviews:

  • Producer's Handbook: Tells you how to produce high quality interviews, each 60 to 90 minutes long, with a minimum of time, expense and mistakes.
  • Cameraperson's Guide: Detailed explanation of how to shoot visually appealing interviews, even if you haven't used a camcorder before.
  • Interviewer's Guidebook: This book contains easy and valuable tips that will help anyone conduct professional video interviews.
  • Interviewee Letters: Four introductory letters to put your interviewee at ease and explain some of the process.
  • Interviewer's Script and Directions: Step by step script contains the right questions, arranged in the right order, to produce outstanding video interviews. Printed in large type for easy use.
  • Introduction forms: Add a professional touch by identifying the interviewer, the interviewee, the time and place of the interview clearly and concisely at the start.
  • Interviewee Profile Forms: These provide a smooth and efficient introduction of the interviewee at the start of the interview.
  • News Highlights: This brief summary of the current state of the world will fascinate future generations.
  • Video Diary Cards: Specially printed cards for you to record your personal thoughts on at the end of the interview. Store them with the completed interview.

Start saving memories!

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