“Mom, why did you marry Dad?”

You know that weddings are priceless events, but not much for allowing a couple to stop and talk about themselves. Still, what bride and groom wouldn't treasure a record of their hopes, dreams, and expectations as they began their life together?

How valuable would it be to their children someday to hear their parents describe how they came to be married? (Just imagine the feeling if you could have seen and heard your parents just before they were married!)

Offer a special couple that opportunity with The Pre-Wedding Video Interview Kit. You'll create a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

Step by step, the Kit takes you through the process, from setting up equipment through interviewing the couple with a tested script that will bring out their family memories, their courtship, their marriage plans and their hopes for the future.

Now there's a wedding gift that's truly worth giving!

Pre-Wedding Video Interview Kit Contents

The Pre-Wedding Video Interview Kit has everything you need to capture a moment in time that won't ever come again.

  • Instruction Booklet: Complete instructions give you all the information needed to create this special memory. You will have equipment setup and lighting instructions, and drawings even show when to adjust the framing and zoom of the camera.
  • Interviewer's Script and Directions: Over 100 questions, arranged in an order designed to produce outstanding video interviews.

Start saving memories!

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